TH3-11 - Archives and Archaeology - Sources from the Past, Tools for the Future
Another kind of archive: on the preservation of publications and born-digital material / Emma Jane O'Riordan; Erin Martin-Osborne, Society of Antiquaries of Scotland, Edinbourgh, UK
The Aerofototeca Nazionale of Rome: a photographic archive for the study of Italian heritage / Lisa Foa, Roma, Italy
The relationship between archive documents and archaeological material of a naval conflict / Johanna Mäkinen, University of Helsinki, Sipoo
Digging in Archives: Writing the Scientific Biography of Archaeologist Zsófia Torma / Laura Coltofean, Brukenthal National Museum
Archaeological archives - A deconstruction / Hilde Sofie Frydenberg, Museum of Cultural History, University of Oslo
Ontology of archaeological sources and the possibilities of archive / Wawrzyniec Miścicki, Jagiellonian University in Krakow
Archives Vs Archaeology: the case study of the building beneath Via di San Nicola de' Cesarini, Rome / Emma Andrea Guaglianone, Universita di Venezia "Ca' Foscari", Rome

Endangered Archaeology in the Archives: utilizing historical aerial photography to assess heritage / Rebecca Banks, University of Oxford, UK
Searching the archives in pursuit of ancient Cyrenaica / Monika Rakowska, Institute of Archaeology University of Warsaw
Archives - Can You Dig It? Time, Materiality, and the Archaeology of Archives / Thea De Armond, Oakland; Anne Duray, Stanford University, USA
Archives and shipwrecks in the Baltic / Riikka Alvik, The National Board of Antiquities, Helsinki

Archive and Archaeological Economy / Sérgio Gomes, Porto

Renovating practices in the history of archaeology / Margarita Díaz-Andreu, ICREA, Universitat de Barcelona
Analysing Archived Material to Unravel Wheelhouse Chronologies in the Western Isles, Scotland / Anthony Krus, University of Glasgow; Lisa Brown, Historic Environment Scotland; Martin Goldberg, National Museums Scotland, UK