TH1-05 - All that Glitters is not Gold: New Approaches to Sumptuous Burials between Western Europe and the Eurasian Steppe
Is it gold that matters? The role of sumptuous burials of women in Bronze and Iron Age Europe / Carola Meztner-Nebelsick, LMU Munich, Germany
The Grave's a Not-So-Private Place: Elite Multiple Burials in Early Iron Age West-Central Europe / Bettina Arnold, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, USA; Manuel Fernandez Goetz, University of Edinburgh, UK
Commoners and Elites in Southeast Kazakhstan: Kurgans and Settlements of the Iron Age society  / Claudia Chang; Perry Tourtellotte, Sweet Briar College, USA
(Inter)regional identities - performance in EIA sumptious burials of the Low Countries / Robert Schumann, University of Hamburg; Sasja Van der Vaart-Verschoof, Leiden University
Scarcity and dearness: an obvious link? Elite’s graves (1300-300 BC) in north-alpine world / Caroline Trémeaud, UMR 8215 Trajectoires, LYON, France
Barbarian chief’s “secret” burials in the forest-steppe zone of Eastern Europe / Olga Shcheglova, Insitute for the History of the Material Culture, St. Petersburg; Oleg Radush, Institute of Archaeology RAS
Miniaturization in the Production of Funerary Aesthetics in the Pontic Iron Age, ca. 600 - 300 BC / James Johnson, University of Chicago, USA
Discernable Traces in Textil Archaeology / Johanna Banck-Burgess, Landesamt für Denkmalpflege, Esslingen, Germany