Working Party integrating the Management of Archaeological Heritage and Tourism

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Established: 2015
Last renewed:
Annemarie Willems (

The Working Party was suggested at the round table session ‘Archaeotourism on the Move: Developing Guidelines for Europe’ held at the annual meeting in Glasgow in September 2015. This round table was designed to bring together those that are working with management of archaeological heritage and tourism to identify common issues within Europe and to begin to work together to address these issues.


  1. Facilitate dialogue between archaeologists and tourism specialists and establish a common vocabulary.
  2. Establish partnerships with specialists working in similar issues (other relevant EAA Working parties, UNESCO, ICOMOS, EAC).
  3. Advocate archaeological representation in heritage decision making concerning interpretation and help archaeologists to tell their stories considering the social, economic and political environment.
  4. Develop strategies for managing archaeological heritage for tourism considering the risks and opportunities of archaeological tourism.
  5. Invite participation and input from all stakeholders, including archaeologists, tourism specialists, local communities and other civic partners on these topics.
  6. Encourage research on archaeological tourism.
  7. Propose practical instruments such as: 
  • Guidelines for sustainable archaeological tourism.
  • A platform aggregating existing resources and information.
  • Network of stakeholders including specialists and civil society.

The outcome of this Working Party would be creating European guidelines for archaeological tourism for Europe and beyond, maintaining and sustaining an information platform and professional network.

It is initially considered that the Working Party will continue until the creation of the proposed practical instruments necessary to fulfill the above-mentioned aims; thereafter the role of the WP will be re-assessed. It is intended that at least six members of the WP will serve until that period has elapsed, or for a period of 3 years from the 2015 Annual Conference, whichever is the shorter.


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Working Party integrating the Management of Archaeological Heritage and Tourism
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