Political Strategies CommUNITY

About the Community

Established: 2016
Last renewed: 2020
Jean-Olivier Gransard-Desmond (jogd@arkeotopia.org)
Sophie Hueglin (s.hueglin@web.de)

After two decades the EAA has by European archaeological standards become a very large organisation. At its Annual Conferences archaeologists from all over Europe and beyond meet, present their research and discuss professional issues. As much as words and writing can change the minds of people, the results remain theoretical and intellectual, but do have very little direct impact on the situation of archaeology and archaeologists.

During the annual meeting at Glasgow, speakers introduced different aspects of political strategies to inform and stimulate discussion. Among other conclusions, it became clear EAA needs to define and prioritise policy objectives and it was agreed that despite being a sizeable organisation, EAA would be too small by itself to achieve much, and thus would be well advised to find allies with shared goals.

Summary of planned activities
• European strategy: help develop EAA’s strategies and policies for Lobbying at CoE and EU
• Information gathering: commission or write reports on the situation of Archaeology in the European Countries that host the Annual meeting and provide short summary of said reports for TEA to be published after the annual RT of PSC
• Networking: suggest partnerships with other organisations regarding political co-operation
• EAA structure: discuss at RT and develop proposals to improve structure of EAA (suggestions how to improve democratic participation in AMBM, discuss what EAA is – just two journals and a conference, or more?, serve as a place for members to bring questions and commentary to the AMBM and the Executive Board, etc.)
• Media strategy: discuss and possibly develop media strategies for EAA, mainly regarding EAA political action in Europe and its constituent countries
• Policies: Reflect on and if necessary review EAA policies and guidance (e.g. code of practice, etc.)
• Working Parties and Committees: act as a forum for the EAA’s working parties to exchange ideas, best practice and explore possibilities for co-ordinated joint action at and between EAA Annual Meetings

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Political Strategies Committee
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