Political Strategies CommUNITY

About the Community

Established: 2016
Last renewed: 2020
Jean-Olivier Gransard-Desmond (jogd@arkeotopia.org)
Sophie Hueglin (s.hueglin@web.de)

EAA has become one of the largest organisations of Archaeologists in Europe and has a great potential to influence European politics. The EAA has participatory status with the Council of Europe, joined the European Heritage Alliance 3.3 in 2017 and is represented in the Council of Europa Nostra. The EAA sets professional and ethical standards for archaeology through its Statutes, Codes and Annual Meeting Statements (e.g. the EAA 2019 Bern Statement on Archaeology and the Future of Democracy). In this the EAA Communities aid to define important aspects of archaeological work through constant communication and consultation with EAA membership at EAA annual conferences and EAA publications.

The Political Strategies Community (PSC) sees its role in cooperating closely with the EAA Executive Board and other EAA Communities to define and prioritise policy objectives and find allies outside EAA with shared goals for political action.

In the coming three years the milestones of PSC are:

  • Throughout: support EAA Executive Board in representing EAA at European level: e.g. at the Conference of INGOs at the Council of Europe
  • In 2020/2021: to contribute to an EAA Task Force that seeks to strengthen the EAA Communities;               
  • in 2020/2021: to contribute to a potential political benchmark campaign in the German elections in Autumn 2021 by EAAs partner organization DGUF (German Society for Pre- and Protohistory);     
  • in 2023: to prepare the repetition of the EAA political benchmark campaign for the 2024 EU elections together with the EAA Executive Board and other EAA Communities that pursue specific topics related to European politics;
  • Throughout: to intensify the communication with EAA members and markedly increase the number of PSC subscribers and supporters.

We welcome EAA members and non-members alike to contact and engage with PSC in order to share, discuss and actively address political concerns from Archaeology at European and global levels.

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