The EAA institutionalises its communities, committees and task forces to proactively and dynamically create networks, meet in between conferences, actively use their web page in iMIS, have a recognizable list of members, report and address proposals and inputs to the Executive Board, and actively produce EAA policies. In order to subscribe to the current communities or search its members, please log in as member and follow the links for the individual communities below. As EAA member, you can subscribe to become member of a community, or follow any of its parts like blog, discussion etc.

Communities are groups sharing common interest, created  top-down or bottom-up for a renewable period, which organise session or round table at each EAA conference.
Committees are permanent or long-lasting task-oriented small groups of members, created  top-down or bottom-up, to deal with permanent policy issues and / or to represent the EAA at European institutions.
Task forces are small commissions of members to deal with particular, contextual, or urgent issues; they are created for a particular task and period of time.