Archaeology of Wild Plants

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Established: 2017
Last renewed:
María Martín-Seijo (
Dawn Elise Mooney (

• Promote the conservation and study of plant remains and their value as Biocultural Heritage
• Promote innovative archaeobotanical research across all periods and regions
• Promote activities to engage the general public with archaeobotanical research
• Promote a better integration of archaeobotanical studies in historical interpretations
• Draw attention to archaeobotany, specifically to the procurement, use and consumption of wild plant resources including resins, lichens, fruits, seeds, fibres, wood and charcoal among others.
• Organise sessions and/or workshops at the EAA Annual Meeting
• Foster cooperation between researchers and other interested parties, and with other institutions sharing our interests
• Create an international research network around the study of wild plant exploitation in the past

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Archaeology of Wild Plants
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