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Established: 2008

Last renewed: 2022
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The main aim of this working party is to develop a formal and permanent European network of Gender Archaeology. While gender networks in many different scientific fields are now consolidated across Europe, and in spite of more than three decades of gender archaeology, a permanent forum for promoting and debating this field is still lacking within European archaeology.

The aims for the EAA Gender and Archaeology Working Party are:
  1. Promoting and encouraging gender/feminist archaeology as a consolidated research area.
  2. Establishing gender/feminist archaeology as part of (the) archaeological curricul(um)a.
  3. Expanding and promoting the theoretical foundations of gender/feminist archaeology in order to encourage new thinking about its significance.
  4. Creating a meeting place and a discussion platform for scholars interested in gender and feminist studies in archaeology and related disciplines.
  5. Communicating research on gender archaeology to both scholars and the general public.
  6. Creating opportunities for collaborative research related to gender archaeology across Europe.
  7. Discussing specific research topics related to gender/feminist archaeology in the framework of the EAA annual conferences.
  8. To promote gender equity in archaeology.




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