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Established: 2003
Last renewed: 2014
David Bibby (
Agnieszka Oniszczuk (

The Working Party was suggested at the round table session ‘Making the most of the information, maximising the value of archaeological results’ held at the annual meeting in St.Petersburg in September 2003. This round table was designed to establish if there was a commonality of archive (taken here to mean the related records, finds and other evidence recovered as a result of fieldwork) issues within Europe and if so if there was a willingness to begin to work together to address these issues.

The purpose of the working party is to look at the main areas of concern identified by the round table aiming to firm up the objectives and methodology. It is proposed that the first year is spent on data collection, mapping differing practice within our European partners countries and identifying where common issues and concerns exist and overlap. The outcome of the first year will be a report back to the working party charting the main issues with an analysis of differing practice and recommending areas for partnership action within a European context.

It is proposed that the second round table in Lyon will be a decision making point at which the recommedations of the work of the first year will be tabled for ratification. If the recommendations are accepted the meeting will debate a prioritised action plan for the following year. It is likely that this will involve work on the preparation of joint standards, guidance and policies in the field of archaeological archives and collections.

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