EAA Book Prize

EAA Book Prize 2023

EAA Book Prize 2023 has been awarded to two publications, read more here.

Submissions / nominations for the 2023 EAA Book Prize must be received by the EAA Secretariat at administrator@e-a-a.org before 28 February 2023.

1. Scope

The EAA annually awards a prize to honour monographs recently published by EAA Members:

  • to books that have had, or are expected to have, a formative influence on the direction and character of archaeological research, or
  • to books that are written for the general public and present the results of archaeological research to a broader audience, or
  • to books that are addressing current issues in archaeological heritage management.

2. Eligibility

  • Books for nomination need to have been published in the 36 months before the annual nomination deadline
  • The first author must be a Member of the EAA at the time of nomination for the prize
  • Books published in an EAA-series (Themes or Elements) are ineligible
  • Books need to be monographs, i.e. detailed, specialised and thematic studies
  • Books must thematically address archaeological research, archaeology and public relations, or archaeological heritage management (cf. Art. 1)
  • The book needs to be published in English. Bilingual publications are welcome if this includes an English version of the entire book

3. Application for nominations

  • EAA Members can submit their own books for nomination
  • EAA Members can submit books from other EAA Members for nomination pending author's consent
  • Publishers can submit one book (per year) from an EAA Member for nomination pending author's consent
  • The EAA Book Prize Committee (cf. Art. 8) solicits nominations and selects recipients for the prize.

4. Submission/nomination materials required

A book will be evaluated in the format in which it was designed to be read. A link to the digital copy in the format or on the platform for which it was designed and / or a colour PDF of the nominated book must be received by the EAA Secretariat at administrator@e-a-a.org by 28 February 2023.

5. Evaluation criteria

The criteria to be used for evaluating nominations for the EAA Book Award include the following:

  • Relation to theory and practice of European archaeology
  • Originality (as representing a positive example for the discipline)
  • Rigour (excellence in content, writing, organization and presentation; clarity of argument; clear and engaging writing style)
  • Presentation (excellence in presentation, especially visual)
  • (Anticipated) formative influence on academia (Archaeology and possibly other disciplines)
  • (Anticipated) non-academic impacts and benefits, such as on general public or heritage management practices
  • Adherence to scientific standards and principles of archaeological ethics upheld by the EAA.

6. Prize and benefits

  • The EAA Book Prize is conferred on the winning book but all lead authors will be able to accept credit for this
  • All lead author will receive an EAA Book Prize certificate (PDF)
  • ‘EAA seal of quality’, including EAA Book Prize Logo for further use in relation to the book in question
  • Publicity: Coverage and advertisement of nominated books as well as awarded book through EAA communication channels.

7. Deadlines and dates

  •  28 February 2023: Deadline for book submissions/nominations
  •  30 August 2023: Award of Prize at EAA Annual Meeting in Belfast.

8. Prize Committee

  • The EAA Book Prize Committee is appointed by the EAA Executive Board.
  • The EAA Book Prize Committee is renewed every three years, with the option for renewal for another term.