Recognition of EAA by the Council of Europe


In 1999, the EAA was granted consultative status with the Council of Europe, which was in 2003 upgraded to participatory status. The instrument of consultative status for international non-governmental organisations was already created in 1952, to reinforce links between the CoE and international organisations that carry out work in the scientific, cultural, charitable, health and educational fields. In practice, such a status means that the EAA can address memoranda to the Secretary General, that we shall be invited to public sittings of the Congress of Local and Regional Authorities and that we participate in various meetings for NGO's that are organised by the Council on subjects relevant to us. In return, we are committed to supply information to the CoE about developments in European archaeology, to publicise its activities relevant to our field and to implement the Malta convention. Please address your questions and suggestions to the EAA Secretariat.