The EAA is a fully democratic body which consists of various boards and committees whose members are chosen through an annual election process. The activities of the Association are co-ordinated through these groups together with a full-time Secretariat.

The EAA EXECUTIVE BOARD consists of three or four Officers (President, Incoming President, Treasurer, and Secretary) and six Ordinary Members. Each term on the Executive Board is for a three year period. One Officer and two Ordinary Members retire from the Executive Board each year at the Annual Membership Business Meeting. No member of the Executive Board can serve for more than two consecutive terms. The Executive Board can also make up to three co-options each year either to fill the places of elected members who are unable to fulfil their duties or who can specifically assist their work in some way.
Members are welcome to review the minutes of the Executive Board meetings.
In order to contact EAA Officers and Executive Board members, the use of institutional EAA email addresses is preferred for the sake of continuity:
Full NamePositionTerm StartTerm EndEmail
Felipe Criado-BoadoPresident9/4/20159/1/2021felipe.criado-boado@incipit.csic.es114
Karen WaughSecretary9/1/20179/1/2020k.waugh@vestigia.nl56027
Margaret Gowen LarsenTreasurer9/12/20149/1/2019mmgowen@live.com52396
Sophie HueglinVice-President9/12/20149/1/2020s.hueglin@web.de51336
Maria GurovaMember9/6/20139/1/2019gurova.maria@gmail.com2855
Alessandro VanzettiMember9/12/20149/1/2020alessandro.vanzetti@uniroma1.it53580
Manuel Fernández-GötzMember9/1/20159/1/2021M.Fernandez-Gotz@ed.ac.uk53485
Hrvoje PotrebicaMember9/2/20169/1/2019hpotrebi@ffzg.hr417
Agne ZilinskaiteMember9/1/20189/1/2021zilinskaite.agne@gmail.com52073
The NOMINATION COMMITTEE consists of three members who serve for periods of three years, one retiring in rotation each year. No serving member of the Executive Board may be elected to membership of the Nomination Committee. The Nomination Committee is responsible for nominating candidate(s) for vacant positions on the Executive Board.
In order to contact the Nomination Committee, the use of institutional EAA email addresses is preferred for the sake of continuity: NomCom@e-a-a.org
Full NamePositionTerm StartTerm EndEmail
Bettina ArnoldMember2/16/20169/1/2019barnold@uwm.edu24
John RobbMember9/1/20179/1/2020jer39@cam.ac.uk57347
Maria Pia GuermandiMember9/1/20189/1/2021mpguermandi@gmail.com57009
The EDITOR of the European Journal of Archaeology (EJA) and between six to twelve EJA EDITORIAL BOARD members are nominated by the EAA Executive Board to cover the main areas of interest of the EJA. The EJA Editor is a non voting ex-officio member of the EAA Executive Board.
In order to contact EJA Editors, the use of institutional EAA email addresses is preferred for the sake of continuity:
Full NamePositionTerm StartTerm EndEmail
Robin SkeatesEditor9/3/20109/6/2019Robin.Skeates@durham.ac.uk1888
Catherine FriemanEditor9/1/20159/1/2022catherine.frieman@anu.edu.au52709
Marta Diaz-Guardamino UribeReviews Editor9/6/20139/1/2019marta.m.diaz-guardamino@durham.ac.uk2193
David OrtonReviews Deputy Editor2/16/20169/1/2019david.orton@york.ac.uk52943
Ekaterina DolbunovaMember9/1/20159/1/2021katjer@mail.ru51777
Daniela HofmannMember2/16/20169/1/2019Daniela.Hofmann@uib.no4708
Eileen MurphyMember2/16/20169/1/2019eileen.murphy@qub.ac.uk57135
John H JamesonMember9/1/20179/1/2020JHJAMESON@YAHOO.COM57376
Susanne HakenbeckMember9/1/20179/1/2020seh43@cam.ac.uk3269
The EDITORS of The European Archaeologist (TEA) are nominated by the EAA Executive Board and are non voting ex-officio members of the EAA Executive Board.
In order to contact TEA Editors, the use of institutional EAA email addresses is preferred for the sake of continuity: tea@e-a-a.org
Full NamePositionTerm StartTerm EndEmail
Roderick B. SalisburyEditor9/4/20159/1/2021roderick.salisbury@gmail.com4170
Katharina Rebay-SalisburyEditor9/4/20159/1/2021Katharina.Rebay-Salisbury@oeaw.ac.at4542
The STATUTES COMMITTEE consists of three full members of the Association appointed by the Nomination Committee.
Full NamePositionTerm StartTerm EndEmail
John CarmanMember5/4/20179/1/2019j.carman@bham.ac.uk2063
Harald HermansenMember9/4/20159/1/2018harald.hermansen@frogn.kommune.no243
Kristian KristiansenMember  k.kristiansen@archaeology.gu.se300
The HERITAGE PRIZE COMMITTEE consists of no more than five members appointed by the EAA Executive Board who serve terms of three years, with the possibility of re-appointment for no more than one further term. The Heritage Prize Committee is responsible for the administration of the European Archaeological Heritage Prize.
In order to contact the Heritage Prize Committee, the use of institutional EAA email addresses is preferred for the sake of continuity: heritageprize@e-a-a.org
Full NamePositionTerm StartTerm EndEmail
Franco NicolisChair9/1/20159/1/2021franco.nicolis@provincia.tn.it645
Katalin WollakMember9/1/20159/1/2021wollak2000@yahoo.com590
Nathan SchlangerMember2/16/20169/1/2019schlanger1@gmail.com2328
Marie Louise Stig SorensenMember9/2/20169/1/2019mlss@cam.ac.uk478
The STAFF comprises one full time and two part-time positions, appointed by the Executive Board following open selection procedure. Staff implement decisions of the Executive Board and ensures services to members and smooth running of the Association.
In order to contact the staff, please email helpdesk@e-a-a.org
Full NamePositionTerm StartTerm EndEmail
Sylvie KvetinovaAdministrator9/15/2005 administrator@e-a-a.org4063
Krisztina PavlickovaFinancial Administrator9/15/2015 finadmin@e-a-a.org58782
Katerina KleinovaInformation and Data Administrator9/1/2016 absadmin@e-a-a.org59723
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