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Application: Submit Senior Associate Membership application with fellowship online on the ASCSA web site by October 31. Link to: http://www.ascsa.edu.gr/index.php/admission-membership/student-associate-membership. The following items should be attached to the Associate Member application submitted online on the ASCSA web site: 1. Short abstract of the project (up to 300 words). 2. A statement of the project (up to five pages), including desired number of months in Greece, a timetable, explicit goals, a selected bibliography, the importance of the work, the methodologies involved, where applicable, and the reasons it should occur at the ASCSA. 3. Current curriculum vitae, including a list of publications. If not a US citizen, state US visa status /date of residence. 4. Three letters of reference from individuals familiar with applicant’s work and field of interest. These letters should comment on the feasibility of the project and the applicant's ability to carry it out successfully. Include a list of names, positions, and addresses of the referees. Instruct recommenders to submit letters to application@ascsa.org by November 4. The following criteria will be used by the Selection Committee when considering applications. 1. Are the objectives and approaches clearly stated and coherent? 2. Will the project result in an important and original contribution? 3. Are the research perspectives and methodologies appropriate? 4. Is the projected timetable reasonable for the tenure of the fellowship? 5. What resources are necessary? Does the ASCSA provide resources that are not available at the home institution? 6. Will residence in Greece contribute substantially to the success of the project? 7. Please address how you might contribute to, and enhance, the scholarly dialogue at the ASCSA. 8. In what ways might this project expand scholarly horizons at the ASCSA?NEH Fellowships   The American School of Classical Studies at Athens
Valid until: 31.10.2014   Valid until: 31.10.2014
THE AMERICAN SCHOOL OF CLASSICAL STUDIES AT ATHENS   LMU Munich is an equal opportunity employer. The University continues to be very successful in increasing the number of female faculty members and strongly encourages applications from female candidates. LMU Munich intends to enhance the diversity of its faculty members. Furthermore, disabled candidates with essentially equal qualifications will be given preference.
Valid until: 03.11.2014   Valid until: 30.05.2014
The American School of Classical Studies at Athens   The International Max Planck Research School for the Anthropology, Archaeology and History of Eurasia (IMPRS ANARCHIE)
Valid until: 17.02.2014   Valid until: 31.03.2014
University of Ghent, Belgium   SUNY Bufffalo
Valid until: 03.02.2014   Valid until: 01.02.2014

If you are interested in advertising a vacancy or you seek job, please contact the EAA Administrator at administrator@e-a-a.org.


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