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JEA 3.1


Andrew Serratt: Reviving the grand narrative: archaeology and long-term change. 
Marek Zvelebil: Indo-European origins and the agricultural transition in Europe. 
Alexander Gramsch: Death and continuity. 
Martin Skjöldebrand: On variations in Bronze-Age social and economic structure in a homogenous area. 
Paul Treherne: The warrior's beauty: the masculine body and self-identity in Bronze-Age Europe. 
Penelope M. Allison: House contents in Pompeii: data collection and interpretative procedures for a reappraisal of Roman domestic life and site formation processes.
René Rogers: Woman underfoot in life and art: female representations in fourth-century Romano-British mosaics. 
Evzen Neustupný: The significance of facts. 
Gonzalo Ruiz-Zapatero and Jesús R. Alvarez-Sanchís: Prehistory, story-telling, and illustrations: the Spanish past in school textbooks (1880-1994). 
Angeles Querol, Maria Isabel Martínez-Navarrete, Francisca Hernández, Luisa Cerdeño and Victor Antona: The value of archaeological heritage: an analysis by the Professional Association of Spanish Archaeologists (APAE).

JEA 3.2


Victor A. Shnirelman: Alternative prehistory. 
Janusz Ostoja-Zargórski: Settlement research theory: a central European perspective 
Linsay Allason-Jones, Colm O'Brien and Glyn Goodrick: Archaeology, Museums and the World Wide Web. 
Tom Carlsson: Objects and attitudes: the Lusatian impact on the material and mental culture in south-eastern Sweden in the late Bronze Age. 
Pers Persson and Karl-Göran Sjögren: Radiocarbon and the chronology of Scandinavian megalithic graves. 
Michael Dietler: The cup of Gyptis: rethinking the colonial encounter in early-Iron-Age western Europe and the relevance of world-systems models. 
Patrice Brun: Contacts entre colons et indigènes au milieu du Ier millénaire av. J.-C. en Europe. 
Matthew Murray: Viereckschanzen and feasting: socio-political ritual in Iron-Age central Europe. 
Bettina Arnold: 'Honrary males' or women of substance? Gender, status and power in Iron-Age Europe. 
Peter S. Wells: Identities, material culture and change: 'Celts' and 'Germans' in late Iron-Age Europe. 
Bert J Groenewoudt and Matthijs van Nie: Assessing the scale and organisation of Germanic iron production in Heeten, the Netherlands. 

Review Section:

Harry James Publish and be damned. 
Randall McGuire A Marxist Archaeology (Michael Shanks). 
Victoria Goddard, Joseph Llobera and Chris Shore (eds) The Anthropology of Europe. Identities and Boundaries in Conflict; Sharon Macdonald (ed), Inside European Identities. Ethnography in Western Europe; Kevin Wilson and Jan van der Dussen (eds), The History of the Idea of Europe (Mark Pluciennik). 
Martin Locock (ed), Meaningful Architecture; Michael Parker Pearson and Colin Richards (eds), Archaeology and Order (Duncan Roberts). 
Alain Schnapp La Conquête de Passé: aux origines de l'archéologie (Henry Cleere).

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