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JEA 2.1


Alberto Cazzella: Dating the 'Copper Age' in the Italian peninsula and adjacent islands. 
John Robb: Gender contradictions, moral coalitions, and inequality in prehistoric Italy. 
Marisa Ruíz-Gálvez, Priego: The bartered bride. Goldwork, inheritance, and agriculture in the late prehistory of the Iberian peninsula.
Heiko Steuer: The hierarchy of Alamannic settlements in the former limes region of south-western Germany to AD 500. 
Ross Samson: Populous Dark-Age towns: the Finleyesque approach. 
Lotte Hedeager: Warrior economy and trading economy in Viking-Age Scandinavia. 

Notes for intending contributors

JEA 2.2


Colin Renfrew: The identity of Europe in prehistoric archaeology. 
Michael Rowlands: Why do we need a European Association of Archaeologists? 
Renata Grifoni Cremonesi: Observations on the problems related to certain cult phenomena during the Neolithic in the Italian peninsula. 
Robin Skeates: Ritual, context and gender in Neolithic south-eastern Italy. 
Douglass W. Bailey: The representation of gender: homology or propaganda. 
Slawomir Kadrow: Social structures and social evolution among early-Bronze-Age communities in south-eastern Poland. 
Inga Ullén: The power of case studies. Interpretation of a late-Bronze-Age settlement in central Sweden. 
Mariassunta Cuozzo: Patterns of organisation and funerary customs in the cemetery of Pontecagnano (Salerno) during the Orientalising period. 
Slavomil Vencl: The archaeology of thirst. 
Alex Woolf and Roy Eldridge: Sharing a drink with Marcel Mauss: the uses and abuses of alcohol in early medieval Europe. 
Ross Samson: The end of Alammanic princely forts and the supposed Merovingian hegemony. 
Inger ZachrissonArchaeology and politics: Saami prehistory and history in central Scandinavia.

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